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Celebrate The Small Wins

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Celebrate The Small Wins

This full moon feels different. More and more, the energy being felt is powerful and has been disruptive to how positive many are feeling about everything. Lots of deep breaths and some grounding is required.

Energy is a moving influence. That means it changes, has deeper, more powerful impulses in this part, and less powerful impulses in that part of the flow. There are peaks and valleys to it. This is why if you’re in good place, you may not feel its negative influence in this way.

In other words, if you’re not being triggered, then this energy calls out something else in you. What is being brought up is what you need to examine and let go of. You’ll find that this next couple of weeks is a shedding experience.

The more you can let go of, the more room you can make as we head to July, will be super important to how the 2nd half of your year goes. Approach now with optimism about the uncertainty unfolding, not fear about it.

You are looked after and will continue to be looked after. Have faith that you will recognize your best options and opportunities as they show up. Emphasize and celebrate all the small wins happening. You’ll see that you have tons of positivity occurring all around you, focus on those moments, and you’ll build an environment where more wins keep happening for you. This is a good time to use and tap into the energy that makes all of this good readily available to you.

It’s on purpose. You know why you’re receiving this message today. Many blessings and much love!

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