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Between conception and birth

Between conception and birth

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Today, a gestation period.

This is a time for incubation… that means, we’re in a space between conception and birth.This is a longer, larger cycle. So this is what’s happening that we might not see because it’s outside of us and we are in it. So even though it doesn’t seem like anything is happening yet on the outside, all this energy is being built up on the inside for release at the right time. We’re seeing (feeling) cracks on the exterior too – the weak points are being illuminated… and these are the points where the pressure won’t be held back much longer. This is the collective energy of the planet- people and forces. There are cosmic forces at work too. So
what do we do in times of transition? We listen to our inner voice. We listen for Spirit – and watch for signs. But it’s not about divining what’s going to happen in the future, it’s about receiving direction on how you live right now. Focus on what makes this day fulfilling for you. We’re in a time of transition. Things are going to break down. Something will come from the change. When you think and do… you become. Be the way you want now. Every moment is an opportunity for you to do that. It’s not about a perfect you… it’s about your ascension. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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