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Being Wholly Here and Now

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Being Wholly Here and Now

What happens when you’re feeling anxious and unsettled? How are you giving that attention and what kind of attention are you presenting?

Energy comes from many sources: things from space and things from Earth and on Earth. All of these forces take a toll on our spiritual and emotional ecosystem. When you incorporate other stimulus like societal stress factors or other people’s reactions to the stimulus, these triggers add and increase negativity to the zeitgeist and you lose you in the process.

It’s super important right now that you are holding onto you, that you know where you are, that you ground and collect all the pieces of you together. This is a time for you to be wholly here so you can determine the best next steps going forward for you.

This is not a time to be checked-out, on auto-pilot, or ambiguous about your needs. Your voice matters, you are of value, and you need to tell yourself that. It’s ok to make yourself and your family the priority, so put the steps in place for that. In fact that’s exactly, and all you should be doing right now.

Much love!

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