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An unfulfilled promise to yourself

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An unfulfilled promise to yourself

Have you ever made a serious promise to yourself that you haven’t collected on yet? It’s still outstanding and it’s a big deal to you… always in the background. Until you actually follow through, there is always a sense of failure or disappointment or guilt inside.

But what if the promise you made to yourself is the wrong kind of promise? What if you’re asking for the wrong manifestation of what you need? Could it be that the delay in your moving forward is a blessing and Spirit has been giving you time to sort it out?

Today’s energy is about looking at this un-fulfilled promise to yourself and evaluating if it’s still applicable… don’t decide from pain. Don’t add weight to it based upon the reasons from the past. Look at what you’re really saying in that promise and base its validity on what and who you are now. Is this promise really in alignment with you now?

You’re not deciding timing today, just if this promise needs to still be acted upon or updated and changed.

I know you know it’s ok to change a promise to yourself if you know more and are in a different position especially when it’s in your better interest… go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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