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After the New Moon

New Moon Energy

After the New Moon

This is an energy that can be off-putting, hard to put everything together, it can make you a bit foggy.

When it’s like this, the energy feels to be chaotic and you can feel that what’s going on around you may be telling you to get back to basics.

And what are the basics?

Where is gratitude in your daily practice? Have you invested any time to think about all that you have, all that is going for you, and to what you have access to? There are rarely perfect scenarios so don’t get triggered because certain details aren’t lining up out of this experience – particularly when so much IS going right. Celebrating 99% is a good thing.

We are living in a time where acceptance of the flow, of what’s occurring around you becomes more important than “why” it is happening. Bringing resistance will only delay and/or break your next opportunities. “Out of the ashes” type of Vibe right now.

A focus on the feeling of what you want … is what you want.

Many blessings,


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