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Add to Positive Energy

Add to Positive Energy

As you move forward today, look for what’s going well, nurture good will and be as uplifting as you can. This will add to positive energy around you and also minimize growing negative influences. Remember that there is equal of good and bad… but because more tap into the negative, it leaves more abundance for those who tap into the light. There is a harmony in the 3rd dimension but you are sitting on one side of it or the other usually. Your practice is about bringing balance to both sides.

We’re working our way to the Full Moon and with that comes building energy. It can be super positive even though there is a lot of negative propaganda abounding. Spending some time with your self and finding some grounding when the world will continue to dissolve into agendas and next plans, particularly as we progress toward fall and winter, is going to be important for yours and your family’s well being.

This week, mantras and the art of prayer will help you to maintain your good Spirit. Spending time with the feeling of the outcome you want will generate in advance, is key to manifesting the outcome. It’s the energy of already having what you want before you do… it’s the environment that breeds and fosters it.

Remember, energy is powerful during this time – for both good and evil causes. We want to minimize suffering and add to enlightenment and healing.

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