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A Vision For Now

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A Vision For Now

I’m being shown a clear lake with a tree-lined bank in the forefront. The water is smooth, it’s quiet and I only hear the paddle as we glide toward shore. There is something about the forest in front of me that seems foreboding. I can see it’s dark and the trees are swaying from the wind.

I find myself coming back to myself, the canoe, and the smooth surface and the ease at which I’m traveling. It’s still sunny here.

It’s really pleasant and I’m feeling good in the boat and I’ll worry about the shore when I get there. For now, while I can, I am going to enjoy this for as long as it lasts.

I’m unable to look back so I don’t know if we’re in the eye of the storm or in the space right before a new storm starts… This message is about the in-betweens.

It says to me that you can’t control what’s happening on the shore and until you get there, nothing you can do. So enjoy the time before things get hard without worrying about what’s coming up.

This vision says to me that you’re facing what you have to do in the right spirit. Appreciate what you can do now, see and feel that there is good in the in-between times. It will recharge you and help you through the dark because you know these spaces exist and are where you will land when you’ve pushed thru.

I can’t look back in this vision which says to me that what is done is done. It’s saying that I should be focused on what’s now and what’s up front. The past isn’t important anymore.

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Many blessings and much love 💖🙏

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