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A variation of the original and what’s been hidden

A variation of the original and what’s been hidden

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Today, soft-serve ice cream.

I’m being shown soft-serve ice cream. You can tell it’s different than the ball-on-top regular ice cream cones just by looking. But when you eat it, it tastes like a melted version of the regular. Something in the process of making the ice cream has been changed… think of it like a variation of the original. So we agree it’s not the original. But it’s still ice cream. The question you have to ask is whether what was changed was important to the original. So even though the soft-serve is a pretty close simile, it’s different enough that we call it something else… because the experience is different… we have another name. But think if you thought soft-serve was the original ice cream… all future variations would be missing the true and whole formula of the regular ice cream, and ultimately the iconic, ball-on-top, ice cream never existed. In a short period of time, you would have wiped it’s history clean and would have hidden the real code for ice cream. Our spiritual history is a lot like this. You have moments of clarity and connection so you know there is something more. But as you listen to what everyone is telling you, you see that it’s just variations of the original and what you really need to know is hidden… has been hidden from you. It works like that in all things here. Today, could be your time to see what’s been hidden. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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