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A Moon Reflection

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A Moon Reflection

Many blessings for this New Moon 🙏 I have something to share for your practice. I call this “a Moon Reflection”. It’s also perfect timing for this during the Spring Equinox ⭐️

Use this opportunity of the New Moon to start fresh. Keep a simple log this month on how you’re feeling, every week ask yourself a few questions like: “Where has my attention been this week?” “Was this week a positive and/or productive one?”- (that doesn’t mean it was fun or without challenges). “Am I living my practice?”

So just 4 times, over the next 4 weeks, starting tomorrow try this Moon Reflection. You will be surprised by what you learn about you during the process. I encourage you to share with everyone how things are going for you. Please use the comment section.

I hope to hear about your experiences from your own Moon Reflection and much love to you 🙏

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