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A Grander Definition Of You

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A Grander Definition Of You

Hi All, many blessings 🙏

I’ve been receiving in more information and it’s super important to share. We will be providing more readings and extended video content soon on YouTube… along with expanding our messaging onto other platforms too.

For today’s reading, I want you to spend some time with:

a) we are in a time of mixing things up;

b) finding equilibrium between the past views of what we believed in and our arrival at this moment… and then seeing what’s emerging now and learning how to incorporate that into our daily process.

c) recognizing that tons of people are reacting to the stimulus of change, and unfortunately, most of those reactions are built around what’s happening right now, in a system that’s breaking down… and in a market where the transfer of wealth and power are occurring at an unprecedented rate and in untested directions.

d) Spirit is inviting you, NOW, to shift your perspective and approach so you can seize the opportunities that have been created for you. You’ve got this – it’s time to open yourself to a grander definition of you.

Much love 💖

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