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A Day for Mood Swings

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A Day for Mood Swings

Good morning everyone! Today’s energy is has a lot of movement and motion. That’s good because there is a strong negative undercurrent to it and so better it’s moving fast than leaving us sitting in it.

But when the energy is like this, it means it stirs a lot of emotions up in us, and so you might find yourself riding the peaks and valleys of these waves with mood swings and second-guessing yourself.

This is in and out energy, so it’s a hit and run approach instead of sticking with you. If you’re not feeling grounded, today is a day to have some tunnel-vision and put your left foot in front of the right one, and get done what needs to get done.

If you’re not as affected, that means you have dispelled and resolved in you already, what this energy is calling out. That’s good stuff, keep practicing your practice.

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