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The Building Energy And You

The Building Energy And You

Today’s energy is a building energy. What that means is you can work with it to improve your well being or to increase your negative feelings. So it starts with how you’re feeling first and then a little conscious attention to making sure you’re in a grounded space. This energy isn’t super powerful and so you can overcome the negative influences easily with your practice 🙂

When you think and feel about what you want and how you’d like things to be… sometimes we allow ourselves to get in the way. Sometimes we hear a small voice inside us tell us things like: “How could I receive this?” “Why would anyone want to be with me?” “I’ve tried before, why will this be different?”

These are little nudges into your weak points which are the doorways to lowering your vibration and energy. Just because you hear a knock doesn’t mean you need to answer the door. Right?!

The best way to counter these negative intrusions is to find what you can right now to feel grateful and thankful for. Those feelings are products of love and from love, you tap into those energies that are higher and of greater good than the less powerful negative ones we tend to focus on and build stories around.

We are living in special times and you are here now because you have an important role to play in how the future unfolds. You are from something greater than what our physical experience can explain. You are more than what this life has shown you. You are special. Start feeling that. Believe that.

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