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4 Powerful Questions Empaths Want Answered

4 Powerful Questions Empaths Want Answered

Here are questions posed to me by ‘serenelife3’, a member of our community. She thought the answers would be helpful to share.

What are some of your most effective practices for being in the world, without being overwhelmed by society, news, family, friends, responsibilities and empathic/psychic overwhelm?

When you realized you weren’t “broken” how did you confidently move forward to feel stable in your spiritual self?

How do we become our “fullest” and know it?

Was there something in the very beginning of your understanding that was pivotal to your confidence in daily living with this power?

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Thriving in the 3rd Dimension:
I am a psychic empath… an intuitive, teacher, guide, and energy worker… I experience an understanding thru energy I feel and I’m given messages and visions from Spirit, and I share with you so you’re guided toward healing and a path of personal growth.

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