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2 Energies and Your Choice

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2 Energies and Your Choice

Happy Friday everyone! We are now fully into the next Moon cycle. You know, it’s never completely linear with astrological forces.

So when it’s a “New Moon” that kind of energy may arrive a day early or 2 days late subject to the real flow of energy, not just what’s listed on the calendar. And so here are we are, in the right space, embarking on the next cycle and the abundance it holds for you.

At this time, you will experience and witness two types of energy that will most affect you: 1) a positive, doing type energy that makes it feel like you can accomplish a ton of tasks; and 2) thru other people’s words and actions, (and this being not necessarily intentional but their natural reaction), negativity or unnecessary feedback that will take you away from the good, productive ‘A’ energy.

This is your choice – and it will be offered to you in small and big ways all day long. Depending on which energy you decide to give most attention to, will determine the vibe of you and the outcome of your day. If you go along on auto-pilot, you could be carried into a space you don’t want to be. So today is not the day to clock-out. Be present, look for love and wonder in small things, and in the small places. Take time to really be present with the people you come into contact. Be ready for a kind word at the right moment, it will help someone else move toward that productive ‘A’ energy.

This is part of why you’re here. To be a light, a voice of encouragement, you are part of a positive-feedback loop.

Many blessings!

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