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You found yourself in all of this

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You found yourself in all of this

Today, it’s up to you to voice it.

Sometimes it feels like we’re in stasis. We know things are changing around us, and from our personal space, it’s hard to understand and get behind anything because so much is flawed in what we’re seeing. We want something better. We want to feel like we matter as an individual when everything around encourages us not to be. Your individual existence and experience are why you are here. Mixing your stuff with all the stuff here and seeing how it works out, is what is going on. But the problem is, for many, they lost themselves while they were engaging. And for you, the problem is, you found yourself in all of this. But once awake, no one wants to go back to sleep and so you must use these waking hours to do two things: 1) to know yourself and change yourself… and 2) once you have understanding, you need share it with any who will hear. It’s not up to you to pick who hears, it’s just your job to voice it. Spirit works through all of us. Go ahead and set your intention now. Much love.

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