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Remember who you are

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Remember who you are

Today, keeping yourself… you.

I think it’s valuable to look back over the last few weeks, to revisit your highs and lows and to see if there is a theme. If you can imagine a stone that’s being polished… and as it goes around the tumbler more of it is scrubbed clean… this process is much like the one we’ve just experienced. And more waves like this are coming.

And this is why you’ve felt a bit beaten up after. The reason I’m bringing this up now is because these type of experiences come from big energy. Right now, we are in a growing wave of energy that will have long term consequences. The stage is being set – we are that beginning of this – look around – more to come.

So your practice is what you need right now to keep yourself, you. You have to set your feet now. Presence is what you need – not speed. So work on filling your space with good energy. Focus on moments of love and see if you can take that feeling forward and when it dims, recharge it with another loving thought. Loving thoughts can be wishes too. Remember, with intention and application, wishes become reality.

Be present in all you are doing. Pause before you react, before you snap back. Be supple like a new green plant so when the wind blows, you can bend without breaking. That means, put your energy in the right places. Focus on your being-ness and work with the forces. Let things blow over you. Remember who you are when the storm comes. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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