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Reflecting what is good

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Reflecting what is good

Today, like the Moon.

What happens after a full moon? It’s the exhale… it’s the release of and it’s the application of what you took on in the first half of the lunar cycle.

Think of the moon and its special characteristics. As we receive the Sun’s light from the Sun, we’re also receiving its reflection from the moon. Same with other planets and their energy too. We receive direct streams of energy and also a variation, a transmutation of that energy as provided by the Moon.

Quietly the Moon is acting.

Today, the lesson of the Moon is yours too. You’ll be called to let someone else shine, and it’s up to you to support them, to reflect what they are, to amplify it… to quietly act.

Especially today, you can shine light on what is good and reflect more good on what’s dark. There is a seed of one in the other… find that spark and help to bring it out. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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