Have a Soulfish Experience at Our Retreat

$560.00 In Person Only

Step Away From The Distractions Of Everyday Life.

A SoulFish Experience gives you the opportunity to connect fully, gain understanding and bring balance to your life.
Take the time to be at peace, become one with nature, connect and refresh.
Located in the national forest in Sedona, the SoulFish Retreat is the perfect place to let go and answer to the calling deep inside of you. David & Nancy will help you to uncover what areas of your life are not serving you fully, to answer to your spiritual calling and take next steps to move your forward on your life path, positively.
SoulFish Experiences are available with David and Nancy on Wednesdays and Fridays beginning Summer 2021, at the Soulfish Retreat in Sedona. Your session starts at 9AM and ends at 12:30PM.
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