A 4 Week Couple’s Immersive

In the 4 week couple’s immersive program:

We work with you and your partner to identify and heal the fears and hurts that keep you from feeling intimacy and trust in your relationship.

We’ll explore the issues you’re facing together, and then we’ll share perspective and techniques to help improve communication and sensitivity to each other’s needs. When both of you are working together with compassion and understanding, you will begin to see a noticeable difference in the quality of your relationship.
Enjoying your relationship is a much better goal than staying together. Here’s a short list of some of the things we’ll cover over the month that we work with you:

  • Communicating your feelings and needs positively so your partner is open to receiving what you need.
  • Allowing yourself to be open to receive love from another.
  • The power of trust, and how allowing yourself to trust another strengthens you and your relationship.
  • The importance of physical and emotional intimacy.
  • Breaking bad patterns of behavior and working on the cycles that pull in old feelings and non-relevant reactions.
  • Understanding how prior hurts affect current relationships.

You’ll have 4 sessions, over 4 weeks with David and Nancy. You’ll also have access to the both of us via text and email during your program, for added support. We may recommend reading and videos for you too.

This is a 4 week, immersive life coaching program designed for you and your partner to improve your relationship and teamwork. The tuition fee is $900.