Sometimes the best way to heal your life, is to take a break from it.

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Step away from the distractions of everyday life.

A SoulFish Experience gives you the opportunity to connect fully, gain understanding and bring balance to your life.

Take the time to be at peace, become one with nature, connect and refresh.

Located in the national forest in Sedona, the SoulFish Retreat is the perfect place to let go and answer to the calling deep inside of you. David & Nancy will help you to uncover what areas of your life are not serving you fully, to answer to your spiritual calling and take next steps to move you forward on your life path, positively.

Why should you have a SoulFish Experience?

For generations people have gone on retreats to relax and experience spiritual renewal. Retreats remove us from the noise and distractions of everyday life, and into a place of peace. It’s a time to be present, gain understanding and nourish your soul.

A SoulFish Experience can help you to gain clarity as to why your life may not be as fulfilling as it can be, how you can improve your relationships and create a spiritual practice that you can use every day to enrich your life and keep you connected to Spirit.

Is A SoulFish Experience Right For You?

A SoulFish Experience is ideal for those who are:

Looking to create a time for self care and spiritual nourishment

Want a life-changing experience

Are ready to go deep and gain understanding as to why their life may not be perfectly on track

Interested in releasing stress, anxiety, fear and sadness

If you are looking to change your pattern of living, find direction and experience more joy and satisfaction from life, then a SoulFish Experience may be perfect for you.

What to expect from your Experience

Your SoulFish Experience is customized specifically for you and what your needs are right now.

You’ll receive new understanding about your direction and purpose, your spiritual awakening, and fresh insights about your life, career, and relationships.

When you arrive we take time to relax and settle your energy. We discuss what you would like to focus on during your retreat and then, we get started.

David and Nancy will share what Spirit has to say to you using their psychic and intuitive gifts.

Additionally they will use a blend of the following modalities to heighten your SoulFish Experience:

Energy healing to relieve, move and open blockages in your energy.

Plant energy to soothe and strengthen your physical and spiritual well being.

The Tarot to help provide meaning to the events you’re experiencing.

Teachings, guided meditation and spiritual ceremony.


SoulFish Experiences are available with David and Nancy on Fridays beginning Fall 2021, at the Soulfish Retreat.

Your Experience starts Friday at 9AM, we have break at 11:30 and will provide a healthy lunch. We join together again from 12:30 to 2:30.

After your Experience you will need time to rest, eat well, and process. We recommend you plan time for yourself once your session is over.

Refreshments are available during the retreat and include hot tea, fruit juice and water.

For an individual or couple: $750


SoulFish Experiences take place at the SoulFish Retreat in sunny Sedona, Arizona. It is located 30 minutes from the west side of Sedona, 1.5 hours from Flagstaff, and 2.5 hours from Phoenix. The Retreat is a peaceful sanctuary with spectacular views of the gorgeous red rocks; wildlife abounds and it’s not unusual to see antelope, coyotes, roadrunners, deer, desert quail and more. It’s a desert oasis.

The road to the SoulFish Retreat is a forest road, a 4WD or AWD vehicle is recommended but not required.

Directions will be provided once you book your retreat.

If you’re interested in spending additional time in Sedona, please let us know and we can make recommendations for accommodations.

Ready to have a SoulFish Experience?