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Where intention meets

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Where intention meets

Today, what you’re manifesting.

Have you been noticing when you are out of alignment? For example… you were thinking something negatively and inside you, while the story is running, you are knowing that what you are thinking is wrong, not true, and yet… the narrative runs, when our body and the feelings inside say something entirely different?

Ultimately, you have decide on the reality you want. Baggage ceases being baggage when you leave it behind. You have to choose to ignore the old story… even though you don’t have a replacement for it yet. That’s why it will keep coming back until you fill the void left behind… once you dispel the illusion, you need another picture. Tell a positive story of how you want things.

Close your eyes and see yourself having and being that. Do you feel a positive feeling in you? Keep that picture in your mind and the feeling as long as you can. It may last seconds or minutes… that’s what praying really is. When you connect the wish with the feeling – when intention, meet emotion, meet thinking (story)… equals manifestation.

Go ahead and set your positive intentions for you, for your family, neighbor and world, now. Much love.

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