True Freedom

How can we break free from emotional pain and suffering? People who are sensitive feel their own pain and that of the collectives. Why? We are all connected, we are energetically one and not the individuals we appear to be. Once we accept that we can return to our true nature of wholeness.
The story of you has been constructed by ego mind. This persona started developing when we were young children. Our likes and dislikes, caused us to form opinions, labels and have judgements, all in an effort to separate us from others which validates our individuality. It’s an illusion, the truth is we are not separate, yet we are here to experience this like characters in a divine play.
What’s your story? It is critical in managing emotion pain to recognise the stories created by thoughts and beliefs. Awareness gives the option of consciously choosing which stories you create by investing emotion in thoughts. Know that this a divine play, the characters we are living will take their final bow and exit the stage. Then our spirit, our energy sheds the physical body and once more we are All in Oneness.
How can we release ourselves from emotional pain? Once we are aware of our thinking and can observe it from a neutral standpoint we can course correct. We don’t have to believe our thoughts or invest in them emotionally. When we feel emotional pain that cannot be attributed to our own thoughts we are picking up the collective pain body. When you encounter this be aware that it isn’t you. Allow yourself to be present in the moment, and accept the feeling without attaching to it. It will flow through you and pass, it cannot last and cannot linger unless you claim it as part of your story.
Remember that we can still enjoy life as long as we maintain balance, aware of what we choose to attach to and offering nonresistance to what seems to appear in our lives. Then the story of us isn’t limiting, we can experience freedom through acceptance.

This article was written by Lynn Zambrano.

Lynn shows empaths, intuitives and highly sensitive people how to identify and bring balance
to the energy and emotions they feel, so they can heal, feel peace and help others.

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