Soulfish Experiences

His insight and knowledge really help when I can't see the answer to a problem or situation that's ahead of me.

I’ve been working with David for almost a year. I recommend his services to anyone who is ready for something more in their lives!


My 90 days with the both of you has been incredible!

I feel on track, engaged and excited about the changes I’m seeing in myself and everything around me! I can’t wait to experience what’s next!


Wow. As you said, all I had to do was let go and it would happen, and it did!

I know it wasn’t a huge thing, but it was real and proves things CAN change. I really needed this. Thank you! Thank you!


Working with you has been life changing.

I was just maintaining this high performance level that I thought would make me happy, but all I was feeling was a big void from all the “success”. Working with you has been life changing. I have more peace when I stop trying to fill the vacuum left by others.


Thanks for the good words!

Your insights were spot on and helped me to defuse a lot of the charge that I have around my brother and let me allow the situation to be what it is without continually judging it.


A ton of weight has been lifted!

I had no idea what a weight I was carrying until I heard you tell me that I don’t have to be in a constant state of suffering and aloneness. Even just hearing the words, “Source doesn’t want you to suffer,” was pretty life-changing for me.


It was a very powerful session!

It was a very powerful session and it answered not only the question I asked, but more that I’d been contemplating.


It's a safe place to learn and heal.

David and Nancy create such a warm and welcoming environment that it instills a level of trust and comfort. Thank you both for sharing your gifts.


What a gift!

You’re truly making a world of difference. Thanks so much for your assistance. What a gift!


I have been working with David for almost a year and it truly has been a life changing and eye opening experience.

He and his wife Nancy, have changed my life around for the better. I would HIGHLY recommend David as he is incredibly wise and amazing. He will change your life for the better!


A needed kick in the butt :)

Thanks so much! This was exactly the kick in the butt that was needed. You guys are earth angels!


Much needed clarity!

It was very helpful in so many ways and gave me much needed clarity. Thank you David!


I am learning to let go.

Your counsel has been very timely in my life. I’m learning to let go and listen to my intuition. As Yoda says, “You must unlearn what you have learned!” Thanks again!