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Swirling inside us

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Swirling inside us

Today, let some love in.

When you feel trespassed or maligned… it hurts our feelings and our self-defense mechanism turns on and we start to think negative thoughts and turn our negative feelings into energy darts directed at the people we see as the problem.

This type of negative energy can happen as your anger builds – so you are aware immediately… or it can come as slow drips, and so over the course of several hours or days it looms in the background.

The energy today fosters these swirly, anger tornadoes inside us. Be aware and as you dispel your triggers, you’ll feel the energy stirring things up, but it can’t affect you. So practice your practice and remember that you have yours, theirs and circumstance. If you change you, everything changes. Let some love in. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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