Sedona, AZ

Join a community of spiritual seekers and energy sensitives.

This is an immersive group experience. We use our empathic and intuitive gifts, to share the messages you need to receive to move forward. You’ll remove obstacles and identify your true desires to feel more in touch and in harmony with your life.

The information presented in the Meetup can help you define your direction, clarify core principles, and outline steps so you can manifest a life where you thrive, and follow your spiritual path.

Join Us in SUMMER 2020

What happens in our Meetup…

There is definitely an energy to each Meetup and at the conclusion of the readings, a group theme emerges. It’s amazing and emotionally healing. Why don’t you join us for some spiritual connection and emotional healing to uplift yourself? These are small group meetings of 10 or less, and our meetings last about 2 hours. We ask for a small donation to attend. 

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