Clarity, Direction and Healing

Profound Life Coaching

We work with individuals and couples who are looking to find meaning and a real, sustainable harmony with life.

During our sessions, we work together to help you define your direction, clarify core principles, and outline steps so you can manifest a life where you thrive, and follow your spiritual path. You CAN live in harmony with your soul.


Clarity, Direction and Healing

Profound Life Coaching

We address current challenges you’re facing, so you can free yourself from any weaknesses that are currently blocking you from feeling happy, and purpose-filled. 

We discuss the changes you want to see in  your life, and we work with you on deep-rooted hurts and blocks, and provide support to you as you move from pain and resistance, to healing.

We share techniques so you develop the skills to make choices consciously and take an active role in your growth, development and spiritual understanding. We guide you and provide support throughout this journey.

Love & Relationships

We’ll help you discover love for yourself, so you can live love with others and develop meaningful, lasting relationships.

Your Money & Career

We’ll help you identify your key life principles and your felt purpose, and how to create an income that allows you to live in harmony with your soul.  For career challenges, new endeavors, starting your own business and working from home too.

Spiritual Development & Healing

We’ll help you to open up, to discover and remove those things that are holding you back, and then provide guidance and support as you step into the real you.

Profound Life Coaching

About David and Nancy

We tap into what is really holding you back from being happy and fulfilled in your personal and professional life, so you can be more aligned with what your inner self desires.  We want to help you to love, work and play soulfully!

We are a husband and wife team; we work with you in your transformation and awakening.

We have been entrepreneurs for over 20 years and had our “ah ha” moment 8 years ago. We knew we weren’t living in alignment with our dreams and what our souls were calling out for us to do. We made a radical shift to change both our personal and professional lives so we could live more consciously and be happier every day.

Professionally, we’ve created a few multi-million dollar producing companies across different industries. We’ve consulted for over 20 years, helping our clients to innovate and optimize their businesses, and their personal approach to life.  We’ve had a radio show, conducted training seminars for large groups of people, and now produce a YouTube channel. 

Today, our business projects are digital, and allow for mobility, flexibility and a fulfilling work experience. 

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We use our empathic and intuitive gifts to provide guidance, healing and support so blockages are removed and you're open to see the things you need to move forward.