Messages and Teachings for Spiritual Growth and Personal Development

Spiritual Life Coaching

We work with individuals and couples who are looking to find purpose, meaning and a real, sustainable harmony with life.


Clarity, Direction and Healing

The Real You Emerges

Many have awakened or are awakening and realize that what they once desired and worked-for isn’t fulfilling, and there is an emptiness.  Due to the distractions of everyday living, we don’t spend enough time with ourselves, being connected to Spirit, nature and others. Understanding why you’re here and what got you here and discovering new ways to move forward is the first step we’ll take together in your transformation.

We help you to create a spiritual practice that harnesses ways you can use your spiritual-ness, to make your life and the world better. 

Spiritual Development & Healing

We’ll help you to open up, to discover and remove those things that are holding you back, and then provide guidance and support as you step into the real you. You can live a purpose-filled life.

Your Money & Career

We’ll help you identify your key life principles and your purpose, and how to create an income that allows you to live in harmony with your soul.  For career challenges, new endeavors, starting your own business and working from home too.

Love & Relationships

We’ll help you discover love for yourself, so you can live love with others and develop meaningful, lasting relationships. We’ll help you to recognize patterns of behavior that may be preventing you from experiencing deep and fulfilling love in your life.

For career challenges, new endeavors, starting your own business
and working from home.

The business you, and the spiritual you, don't have to be in conflict.

What if your life didn’t have so much focus on money?  What could you accomplish if you actually felt inspired and engaged?

We have been entrepreneurs for over 20 years and made a radical shift to change both our personal and professional lives so we could live more consciously and be happier every day.

Professionally, we’ve created several successful businesses spanning different industries. We’ve also consulted for over 20 years, helping some clients to innovate and optimize their businesses, and others, with making changes to their personal approach to life.  We’ve had a radio show, conducted training seminars for large groups of people, and currently produce a YouTube channel

We help you create a life that allows for spiritual and personal connection, mobility, flexibility, abundance, and a fulfilling work experience.

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We use our empathic and intuitive gifts, and our experience, to share guidance, healing and support so you can remove obstacles and identify the things you need to feel more in touch and in harmony with your story that’s unfolding.