Working with Your Energy Gifts

$100.00 Online
$150.00 In Person

As an Empath, HSP, and Intuitive, your ability to use your gift is central to living your purpose.

When you’re an Empath, Intuitive or HSP, you’ve been given additional sensory perception, and the pain and suffering you’re feeling was not meant to curse you, but to wake you up to what you are; so you can experience your potential, have understanding and ultimately, be of service.

David will help you learn how to keep from being and feeling overwhelmed by the forces you sense. This is metaphysical teaching as David shares his practice.

You can learn to fill your space with your energy, so you can recognize the energies you’re feeling and not only know what they are and where they are coming from, but what you’re supposed to do with that information, without losing you in all that you feel.

Sessions are available online via Zoom, and In-Person at our Retreat.