When You Have Cancer

$100.00 Online (45 Minutes)
$200.00 In Person (90 Minutes)

Cancer is a challenging disease on many levels. While it is physically draining, it is also a very emotional time for many. It’s easy to let fear creep in, and worry can consume you. While your doctor provides treatment for your body, oftentimes the spiritual side of cancer isn’t addressed, and it’s critically important as part of your journey to wellness.

Your cancer may have been caused by genetic or environmental issues, but for most, there are circumstances and events in their lives that have contributed to building dis-ease in their bodies. When we hold onto highly-charged emotions like shame, anger, fear, disappointment, as well as deep-rooted pain, our bodies manifest physical ailments in result. 

Working with cancer myself, I know first-hand how shocking the diagnosis can be, and how little support is provided to build you up spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I use my energy gifts and listen to what Spirit has to say, to gain understanding as to what you are holding onto that needs to be released so you can heal fully and let go of past hurts. I will share with you how to work through your emotions, and provide mental treatments you can use everyday to improve your well being, and nourish your soul during this challenging time.

Whether you need someone to provide spiritual and emotional support, or you’re looking to get to the root cause of your cancer, I’m here with guidance and loving energy to help you heal. 

Sessions are available online via Zoom, and In-Person.