Life Coaching and Living Soulfully

$150.00 Online (1 Hour)
$300.00 In Person (2 Hours)

Many have awakened or are awakening, and realize that what they once believed in, desired and worked for, isn’t satisfying or fulfilling their true needs.

We work with individuals and couples who are looking to find purpose, meaning and a real, sustainable harmony with life.
Each person is in a different stage of life with different objectives. We teach a practice that helps you to:
* Define what your needs are (which IS what makes you happy)
* Understand who you are called to be
* Craft a life around these core beliefs and principles

Spiritual Development & Healing
We help you to open up, to discover and remove those things that are holding you back, and then provide guidance and support as you step into the real you. We teach you how to create your spiritual practice to harnesses ways you can use your power, to make your life and the world better.

Your Money & Career
We work with you to identify your key life principles and your purpose, and how to create an income that allows you to live in harmony with your soul. For career challenges, new endeavors, starting your own business and working from home too.

Love & Relationships
We show you how to discover love for yourself, so you can love others and develop meaningful, lasting relationships. We help you to recognize patterns of behavior that may be preventing you from experiencing deep and fulfilling love in your life.

We offer guidance and support as you transform your life into the genuine expression of you.

Sessions are available online via Zoom, and In-Person.