Overcoming Obstacles For Empaths, Intuitives and Energy Sensitives

Resistance brings rest to motion and there are usually 2 reasons why you’re facing obstacles as you move forward:

1) You’re being asked is this really the right next move for you, or is it about ego, money, etc… or;

2) If you have made the self evaluation that the action you’re taking is in your best interest and highest good, then the universe is testing you.

Source and Spirit want you to be successful… sometimes you have to lock yourself in and commit, so that doors open for you.

Something to think about.

About ShamanMan:
We are a husband and wife team who work to help you heal and take action steps to manifest change in your life. We create a balance of comfort to help you feel protected, with directness to move you forward. David is an empath, intuitive, and healer. He teaches and works with energy sensitives to balance everyday needs with the soul. Awaken and be empowered by your gifts. A session will transmute and release energies in the spirit, mind and body.