Our Story

We are a husband and wife team who work with people in their transformation and awakening. We balance understanding with directness, so you discover your power and make your life and the world, much richer.

We started this healing initiative in 2016 by just meeting people and sharing what we could, particularly with empaths, HSPs and intuitives.  

David is a psychic empath, an intuitive, a healer, teacher, medicine man, mystic and energy worker. I channel information, and use my experience and training to help you understand the challenges you’re facing, so you gain clarity, and receive the message you need for healing and positive change.

Nancy is an intuitive and helps others to listen to their inner voice, and channel their energy into action that manifests positive outcomes. She created Soulfish and was my support as I struggled to learn and change. Because of her, we are able to help others seeking answers, spiritual understanding and energy work. Much love.

There Is Nothing More Important Than Your Soul's Work

In the process of discovery and growth, I found out that there were names to define what I “could do” and texts that described what I’d been “knowing” for years… and the world opened up. What I had previously perceived as important and real, suddenly wasn’t so much.

Why Soulfish?

Once I knew I had gifts, it was so difficult for me to find support, teachers and guidance… and so Soulfish and the outreach we do, is our effort to help anyone (and particularly empaths and HSPs) who have been activated, are awakening and/or awakened.

What Is A Reading?

I experience a ‘knowing’ from information I receive from energy, emotions, and Spirit. 

I help you to open up and ease your suffering. I share and provide guidance from the messages I’m given, so you have an understanding of why you’re experiencing challenges, so healing manifests for you. 

It’s about you hearing your message. As I share what I am called to do, understanding and healing takes different forms for each person.

How I Became Activated, Made Aware and Put To Work

I knew as a kid that I was different.

I could feel how people really felt deep inside, and as I made it through high school and college, being around groups of people and ancillary friends became harder and harder.  I had learned to suppress what I now know are my gifts, because when I shared with people what I was feeling and seeing, it made everyone uncomfortable; so I stopped talking about it and tried to block what I was experiencing.  This created a love-hate relationship with people. I was always aloof and never really close to anyone – because I felt them already, I already “knew” them, and didn’t want to personally experience them. This is easy for me to say now, but at the time I didn’t understand why I was so different.

I have been self-employed most of my life. Why?  

I think it was a natural response so I could earn a living while surviving the daily empathic onslaught. By having direct input on my schedule, environment and “have to’s” to generate income, I felt some level of control over my life. From 2000 to 2010, my gifts were more like a curse to me, and it was getting harder and harder to pick myself up and perform each day.

In 2010, something happened to me… I had a vision. It was so powerful and impacted me so strongly, that I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened, and what it could mean. IT OPENED ME UP AND I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT OR WHAT I WAS GOING TO DO.

I could feel others so strongly, that I didn’t know where I began and where I ended. Everything was so intense and I began to know things in certain situations that I shouldn’t have known. It was like all the experiences I had as a kid were now so much more intense and painful, and I was remembering things I had suppressed.

So I just began to read and study anything I could find that had to do with energy  and empathic arts,  and I began to study with other teachers of varying specialties.

Once it begins you can’t turn back, and I didn’t want to. I needed answers.

As a result of my activation and awakening, we stopped everything we were doing, and spent the next year closing or selling off everything we had, and were called to the mountains of North Carolina.  I began to meet people and without any control whatsoever, or being asked, I would do a reading for them.  At first, I would just blurt out things and really freak people out; it could happen anywhere and at any time.  (I learned later that this is a stage of development and what it means to channel.) With more study, I found my ground, personal practice and teachers, and Spirit provides and showed me my purpose.  

Today, we teach from and live in the southwest U.S.