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Live how you want things to be

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Live how you want things to be

Today, when it’s breaking down.

The world is changing. Can you see it? It’s not just the inversion of what is good into bad, and what is bad is now good. Do you see the contradictions everywhere? Do you understand it’s the breakdown of one age before the dawn of another?

The world is changing. And you are too.

Do you see how it’s easier and easier for people to react negatively? Do you see how an environment is created around us in the news, music and movies that are presented to us to foster it?

There is a sorting occurring. Like embers, when it’s dark, you can still see that there is fire in the ashes. If you’re for the light, it’s important that you light up, that you choose how you want to participate in what you see going on around you AND that it’s in alignment with your best intentions. Live how you want things to be. Much love.

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