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It is the principal force

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It is the principal force


Today, in the big cycle.

We start May as the Moon is waning. So we start the month with an exhale and the shedding of some of our shadow. When the energy is like this, it’s about continuing doing the right things while you make changes on what’s not working. When the Moon is waxing, you’re working with what IS working.

So we are living in a cycle within a cycle, and being influenced by forces operating in their own cycle. One of the reasons the collective conscious has so much anxiety today, is that buried within our DNA is the memory of past events. So even though we can’t put a finger on it today, there is recording inside us, reminding us of the energy signatures before, during and after events that have had a tremendous impact on our humanity…

To know thyself is one of the greatest entreaties given us. It is the key to understand where you begin and end within the grander world(s) around you. It is the center of your Universe. To know in this sense, means gnosis – which is experiential AND intellectual. Experience brings emotion into the picture. Emotion and logic guided and coming together as one, this joining, is where you find “gnosis”.

So if you know inside you, that you are living within a smaller cycle, that exists within a larger cosmic cycle… along with the Sun, Moon, Planets imposing their force in their time and place on you (which also operate in cycles). You understand that all of these ‘natural’ forces inspire and enforce change on you. This is one of the reasons why they are so often referred to as gods. Under their power, you are forced to do their bidding.

So when we are living through the transition of one age into another, we recognize that everything is undergoing radical change from all directions and forces. All systems will break down until a new system emerges from the ashes of what is being put in place now. What we see in the world is not permanent. It is the last hopes of what’s old and has been in power trying to hang on and stop the coming change.

But in the big cycle… there is not a power here large enough in our Galaxy to prevent or stop what is ordained by Universe. This cosmic clock supersedes all others. It is the principal force.

Our collective consciousness is shifting and you are part of that change. In this sorting, more and more will choose the material over the spiritual. Many will choose what feels good, in leu of what’s right. Know who and what you are so your choices reflect what is good. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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