Is There An Empathic Switch ?

An empath is able to sense energy vibrations that emanate from other people, animals and locations. You are an empath. Everyone is born with this ability.

If you look at babies and their mothers it’s easily observed. The baby has no speech, yet it is able to communicate its needs to mom. I’m not referring to cries, but those times when mom just picks up on the infant’s needs. How exactly does that work?
Empaths are receivers, meaning they perceive and tune into energy vibrations. Energy vibrations hold information. When an empath tunes into that information it’s absorbed in varying degrees by the empath. Empaths can also send energy. That is what makes empaths great energy workers, healers and sympathetic listeners. You exude comfort, and others feel you to be a safety zone. Have you noticed that animals seem to seek you out to share your space? Perhaps you found that strangers seem to tell you their deepest most personal troubles? Have you visited a location, maybe on vacation when you sensed emotion? Lots of locations where battles were fought or other deep emotions were felt leave an imprint on the surroundings. You can sense it.
How is empathic ability different from the “clairs”? Empathic ability is at the core of every “Clair”. It’s the foundation for clairaudience, clairvoyance, Clair-cognizance. It is clairsentience, or clear feeling. It is your birth right. Everyone comes into the world with this ability. Some people always have it in its active form and others have it lying dormant. What flips the switch off? Look at babies again, at 2 they begin the process of individuation. The terrible twos are really a child beginning to experience separateness. By the age of 4 the child has a distinct personality and sense of self and relies less in perceiving energy from others and more on its thought process. It has begun to label and judge experiences, and is forming thought patterns and beliefs. Thus the switch naturally flipped off to allow the child to develop in this way. What about you? Some go through the developmental stages but the switch stays on. Usually that means that you can look at the family tree and find an ancestor sharing the same experience. It tends to be genetic.
Does that mean if the switch is off, or dormant it remains that way? Not necessarily, if it is dormant it can be re-activated. How does this happen? There are different ways this can happen. A trauma or deeply emotional experience can switch it back on as a defensive/survivor mechanism. You can also consciously choose to turn it back on. With a little knowledge and guidance you can gain awareness and re-learn to sense energy as an empath. Does it stop there?
You can grow and develop your abilities. The foundation of clairsentience gives you the building blocks to grow further as you wish. The only limits are the ones you set. You have more in your control than you realize. Can everybody develop into the other “Clair’s”? Theoretically yes…. what’s the no then? Sometimes developing a “Clair” maybe in direct opposition to a life lesson or mission of this lifetime. Generally speaking you can fully develop as you allow yourself. What does that mean? As with other issues you can only grow fully, if you are willing to stretch, grow and change thought patterns, and belief systems. Are you ready to stretch? Empaths power up! Let’s grow.

This article was written by Lynn Zambrano.

Lynn shows empaths, intuitives and highly sensitive people how to identify and bring balance
to the energy and emotions they feel, so they can heal, feel peace and help others.

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