Intuitive Readings for Clarity, Direction and Healing

What can I expect in my session?

  • Uncover experiences or struggles that are holding you back and keeping you from living your purpose.
  • Recognize specific triggers or circumstances that result in unhappiness or conflict (that cause you dis-ease).
  • Break patterns of behavior that do not serve you and often deplete you or work against you.
  • Improve your relationships with friends, family and partner through better understanding of their triggers and emotional signatures.
  • Find fulfillment in your work; being able to do work that is in line with your nature and purpose.
  • Identify the root cause of what is holding you back from being fulfilled and at peace.

Discovery & Understanding

We’ll explore the issues that cause you to feel depleted and prevent you from living your best.  A session will open you up to greater understanding and with that, healing.


As you let go of the hurts you’ve designed your life around, healing replaces pain, and creates room for new feelings and new opportunities. 

Application & Action

We’ll discuss techniques and ideas to keep your spiritual practice moving forward.  There is nothing more important than your soul’s work. 

We’ll help you to open up and positively change your experience with:



Your Focus

Spiritual Development


Your Money & Career

Creating the Right Work Environment

Being Self Employed

Professional Development

Lifestyle Design

Self Development

Including How To Play Soulfully

Activities that increase your good feelings, allow you to give back, and contribute to your experience of connection.

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David helps you to open up and ease your suffering by sharing and providing guidance from the messages he’s given, so you have an understanding and healing manifests for you.