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I had a vision that I have to share

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I had a vision that I have to share

I had a vision. Even though I’ve not determined the answers – it’s worth sharing with you in the hopes you find some meaning.

Sometimes you receive advanced notice. This is one of those messages.

Over my life, I have often received visions. When I was a small child, I would see all types of visions that I couldn’t process and so buried and blocked it off until I was re-activated later in my life.

Since my awakening, I have numerous visions frequently.

Sometimes I’m shown something from the past – like when I visit Native American sites and can see what was happening at a certain time… and sometimes it’s as simple as what happened right before to the person I’m meeting, and sometimes, I’m shown what’s coming in the future. To me, this is reading energy.

I received this vision yesterday afternoon and I’m still sitting with the impact it has left on me. I’ve decided to share this message with you because it feels important.

I’m being shown a road, 4-5 lanes wide on each side, with cars neatly in their lines like rush hour traffic going into a big city. Except… no one and nothing is moving. I don’t see any people in the cars. The cars are not on. I don’t see anyone walking around. I don’t see any birds flying or on the ground.

I don’t receive any audio in this vision.

There is a haze in the sky, almost steamy, and the sun is yellowy-orange – and it’s glaring. The sun is reflecting off everything, my eyes feel like they are squinting.

I’m not sure if the “steam” is coming off the cars and pavement, or it’s blowing around in the air… it’s ripply like when you see heat rising off the pavement.

I’m left with a feeling of what happened? Something isn’t right here.

It feels like an event. I can’t tell if the cause of this is cosmic or man-made… but I’m getting the feeling that it’s both – like an event happened or was happening and then was used as well. It’s really timing. So I’m getting that using a special date, the energy of that date, it was the right time to create the event. Something like that.

I’m not given a time or day. I don’t have any date reference only that cars look like what we have now. I can tell that what I’m witnessing is herein the U.S.

It’s the feeling I’m left with which tells me this vision is something to have some added awareness about.

Many blessings and much love 💖🙏

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