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Feeling Heavy? Is It Yours?

Feeling Heavy? Is It Yours?


You may have been feeling a little more out of sorts and agitated as of late. It’s not just you.

Many are feeling more anger, depression and anxiety due to the powerful energies that have been coming forth. You’ll feel that there is a wave or concentration, then an easing.

The easing is created when those energies have been acclimated by you, the earth, and all that exists here. Every thing here absorbs and then processes, and then reaches a stasis.

Then there is another burst of energy and the cycle repeats.

For some, this cycle of energy manifests into physical ailments too.

It’s going to relax a bit soon, so keep your chin up and try not to hold onto the feelings generated by this stimulus.

You know, when you are an energy sensitive, you feel what’s going on and you start to believe that somehow, this is yours.

It’s not yours.

But these energies do create the environment for you to attach to certain aspects of those energies, which can trigger strong emotions, negative thoughts and attitude, and physical pains in you. When this occurs, it takes a lot of your energy and effort to overcome.

For many, when they are this place, they act on these emotions and “negative” outlook which has repercussions.

What if you could stop reacting to what you’re feeling and be able to identify the stimulus and respond accordingly?

It’s possible and you can. So when you’re feeling overwhelmed or under a barrage of negative thought/emotion… ask yourself:

*) do I have a real reason to feel like this?

When you come to the conclusion that you don’t, and most times you won’t, then you’ll know it’s not yours. Don’t worry for now whose it is or what’s causing it.

Just learn to let it pass and don’t latch onto those feelings. When you practice this enough, you’ll be able to move through these waves without you feeling as bad.

Something to think about.
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