Your 90 Day Transformation – The Harmony Project

A 3 month immersive spiritual life coaching program with immediate results. It’s lifestyle design for living your purpose.

We work together to help you define your direction, clarify core principles, and outline steps so you can manifest a life where you thrive, and follow your spiritual path. You CAN live in harmony with your soul.

We share techniques so you develop the skill to make choices consciously and take an active role in your growth, development and spiritual understanding. We guide you and provide support throughout this journey.


How We Work With You:

  • Creation and development of your life building plan, with key aspects.
  • A Weekly 90 Minute Session with Nancy & David (In-person, by phone or via Zoom) to provide support, direction and feedback. We listen, teach, and keep you moving forward. (We only record Zoom appointments, which we share at the conclusion of the session.)
  • Ongoing access to David & Nancy via email and text, for insight and encouragement throughout the program.
  • Suggested readings via print, kindle, audiobook and web; and suggested videos via YouTube to supplement your learning.
Your 90 Day Transformation

Month 1

We’ll create and outline your 90 day plan. We’ll discuss the changes you want to see in yourself, and how your life would be different if you were living your true purpose. We’ll also address current challenges you’re facing, so you can free yourself from any weaknesses that are currently blocking you from making your new start. This is practical and spiritual work.

Your 90 Day Transformation

Month 2

You’ll be working through a “removing the rings” process that allows you to empower and develop yourself, so you can step into your new, more fulfilling life. During this phase, we’ll continue to work through deep rooted blocks, and provide support to you as you develop and move through your plan.

Your 90 Day Transformation

Month 3

The ultimate goal is for you to continue to develop your gifts and abundance after you complete the program. We will finalize the last steps in your plan. We’ll also help you to outline and define action steps for the next 90 days so you can continue growing and thriving, soulfully.

Learn How You Can Transform Your Life in 3 months!

This is a 90 day, immersive life coaching program designed to change your life right now.
The tuition fee is $3,500. Let's have an introductory call to connect before you choose to start the program.